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Employees of the Quarter


Adrianna - Staff Accountant

Adrianna has been committed to continual progression in the quality of our work within the accounting department for 13 years. She has worked with her peers and other departments to change the way we do things from various angles and has been considered a subject matter expert in many areas of the DM9 platform. In the past few years Adrianna has been involved in several projects including changes to statements, credit card processing and the set up of Buildium for DM9. Her contributions to those projects have been very helpful in making sure that Resident Interface is successful.

Over the years, Adrianna has continued to change and evolve in how things are done. Embracing automation and cross training with out reams. She steps up to challenges, committing additional time and resources as necessary and takes accountability for her decisions and work output. She is a great example to out team and is a large part of out training processes when on boarding new team members. Due to all of these things we believe she embodies our values.


Thelma has become a key player in bringing visibility to the collections team by creating custom reports for agents and managers. In her effort to become better at what she does, back in 2020, Thelma signed up for SQL certification at a local university and for a Power BI certification too. All expenses covered out of her own pocket. Thelma leads the Performance Improvement Team (PIT) audits and constantly provides agents and management the data needed on their agents process performance. Her team holds monthly meetings with all teams they audit (Consumer Collections, Pre Legal Collections, NAM, Client Services, Support Unit, Investigation Unit and Legal) and holds bi-weekly calibration meetings with upper management to discuss agents behavior and performance,. She just completed the new audits form based on an app that managers and auditors will be able to use to simplify the audit process. She has been a great example of hard work, self development and dedication. Thelma is also a subject matter expert in different processes handled by Resident Interface, she has an awesome attitude.


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Thelma - Performance Improvement Rep

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