Hunter Warfield Announces Rebrand to Resident Interface

Mar 02, 2021
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New Brand Captures Transformation of Company and Introduction of Comprehensive Suite of Services


TAMPA, FL. (March 2, 2021) — Hunter Warfield, the award-winning rental housing debt collector serving the industry for over 30 years, is proud to announce its rebranding to Resident Interface to better reflect the transformation of its offerings to a comprehensive revenue recovery management solution.


Resident Interface will offer a one-stop comprehensive suite of solutions for the entire rental housing revenue recovery process from first late payment to final debt collection. Through four primary solutions – Resident Advocate, Possession Partner, Resident PreCollect and Hunter Warfield – Resident Interface will track and recover past due rent payments, work with expert eviction attorneys, resolve delinquent accounts, and recover former resident balances through a single point of contact.


Through innovative technology, owners and operators will also be presented with payment performance, possession filing and post-vacate collections performance data for all properties in their portfolio, easily accessible online.


"Operators have long struggled with negative interactions with residents over rent collection, the multiple points of contact in the revenue recovery management process and the desire to help residents avoid collections,” said Stephen Sobota, founder and CEO of Hunter Warfield.  “We believe this new suite of solutions will revolutionize the industry’s approach to late rent recovery by providing a turn-key solution that eliminates inefficiencies and relieves operators from these difficult and time-consuming operational tasks.”


Resident Interface integrates the eviction management and digital notice SaaS platform of ClickNotices (acquired by Hunter Warfield in June 2020), with established service-delivery capabilities. This maximizes NOI by helping apartment operators reduce late rent payments, streamline legal filings, and achieve the best possible operator-resident outcomes.


"Our capabilities offer operators a fully integrated, comprehensive revenue recovery management solution,” added Sobota. "From early delinquency with Resident Advocate, through eviction management with Possession Partner, former resident recovery with Resident PreCollect, and third-party debt collections with the tried-and-true results of Hunter Warfield.”


About Resident Interface

With more than three decades of maximizing property revenues through Hunter Warfield, Resident Interface offers property owners and managers a financially transformative, end-to-end delinquency management experience. Resident Interface is a comprehensive delinquency management solution that offers a single contact, responsible for the entire process from first late payment to final debt collection. This is achieved through technological innovation, operational transparency and respectful recovery procedures.


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