Resident Precollect

Helping former residents resolve delinquent accounts.

What happens when a resident moves out with a balance due? Let Resident PreCollect step in before handing it over to third-party collections.

Collections made easier.

Our professionals provide post-move out recovery on your company’s behalf, freeing your staff from making calls, and ensuring consistent and timely follow-up by experienced customer service professionals.

Focus on your property, not collection calls.

Through clear, friendly communication, Resident PreCollect helps former residents resolve their delinquent accounts quickly. From the moment of move-out to day 60, our professionals take on the responsibility of working with your resident before the account goes to collections, giving you peace of mind.

You can expect:

Site efficiency

Managers and staff can focus on their properties, not collection calls.

Complete transparency

We provide visibility to the actions taken—and their results—on each account.

Brand protection

Our customer-service professionals are trained to be empathetic while also focusing on your goals.

Cost-effective outcomes

We offer a lower rate to recover early in the cycle, making a positive financial impact.

Improved results

We’ll ensure increased recovery through our innovative, consistent work efforts.